David on the Pennsylvania Rock Show Episode 381

David returned to the show to discuss what he and his band mates have been up to. He talked to Bill about upcoming shows, new venues that they have played at recently, the influence of Chris Cornell on his writing (as well as the other grunge stars). He also announced that they are hoping to release a second EP of 7 to 8 originals by the end of year. Speaking of EP’s you can purchase the Nothing Ventured EP in full or a la carte on their website. David also mentioned that Tilted Shadows is approaching 1000 likes on their Facebook Page and that the band is throwing around some give away ideas for that milestone. Websites mentioned on the show: Endeavor After, LLC. Sounds of Summer Music Fest Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle Make Music Pittsburgh

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Gregg Talks Tilted Shadows on the Pennsylvania Rock Show

Commiserating with our esteemed host (OK, it’s just Bill) this week is Gregg Shotts of Tilted Shadows and Post Traumatik. He told us that Tilted Shadows has 4 songs written and are hoping to be recording soon. This brings up their writing process. Gregg told us that sometimes David brings the song to everyone, other times Dave shows up at his place and they work on some of it and then take it to the rest of the band. He also mentioned that Joey sometimes brings new ideas/songs to the band. We then talked about trying to unite the tri-state music scenes and his ideas on what could help make that come to a fruition. We talked about how older talent can help the younger talent and really bring recognition to their bands just through networking. It could also help bands get booked in venues that they normally wouldn’t get added to. We talked about the different bands he has played in since coming to Pennsylvania. He loves playing 90’s style rocking songs, nothing too heavy. He likes the local heavy bands, but doesn’t think he has the stamina to play that style. One interesting story that he brings up has to do with Chelsea, Post Traumatik’s singer, seeing Tilted Shadows play for the first time… but you need to listen to hear why… Get your copy of Tilted Shadow’s Album, Nothing Ventured on CD Baby.

listen at: https://parockshow.com/shotts-dar-shadows-tilted-shadows-pars361/

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David on the Pennsylvania Rock Show

parsThe Pennsylvania Rock Show: In the first segment David and Bill discussed the recording of the forthcoming debut EP for David’s band Tilted Shadows. In segment 2, the conversed about KISS, VH, foods, local bands that we’d like to see get back together, reminisced about Bruce and David in AK Music Studios, David picks his all valley band and more. When we moved into segment 3, We pigeon hole genres, discuss Davids band the tilted shadows a bit more, we talk about influences and supporters, we discuss how the internet has changed music, David talks about why the Sidebar is his favorite venue to play in and a little bit about hosting some open stages there as well and he talks about what makes it so good there. He also gives a glowing review for the acoustic shows at the Mariner in Kittaning. We talk about his 1978 Gibson RD Custom guitar. and more.

Acoustic Performances and Tilted Shadows PARS332 by The Pennsylvania Rock Show on Mixcloud